In developing regions of the world renewable energy from natural resources is the stimulus for economic development. Sustainable power generation offers a bright and promising future with the ability to provide clean water; allow cooking without burning wood or other fuels,; and facilitate operation of institutions such as schools and rural hospitals that can’t exist without electrical power.

NPC’s model for the developing world is to deploy “turnkey” solutions delivered in standard 40 ft. shipping containers that are immediately deployable. These plug and play power plants provide substantial, renewable, affordable power from abundant sources to directly provide for the energy needs of remote communities. 

NPC constantly writes and files US and international patents, supported by extensive trade secrets and know-how, for its impressive body of Intellectual Property (IP) to substantially enhance its corporate value. NPC has 8 technologies with US and international patents issued, with over 10 additional patents currently in process. 

With devices that are highly attractive to military, industry and domestic markets throughout the world, the NPC portfolio includes more than 30 concepts in development, with five uniquely different technologies currently undergoing commercialization for international markets and several more planned for 2015.
Our competitive advantage comes from our strong portfolio of breakthrough technologies that target niche renewable energy markets with significant financial returns and the formation of strong strategic alliances with the US military and respected regional international partners or governments, which facilitates fast tracking projects through finance, permitting and regulatory hurdles.

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