Mile Stones:

Northern Power Systems

A Master Service Agreement with Northern Power Systems (NPS), a world leader in direct drive generation technology. Northern Power Systems (TSX: NPS) has been delivering innovative alternative energy solutions in a changing energy landscape for over 40 years and has an installed base of Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Generators and grid-friendly power technology components that have logged millions of kilowatt-hours of operation. NPS supports NPC turbines with proven, internationally accredited and warranted electrical components.

Sprung Instant Structures

A major license agreement for NPC integrated building wind turbines has been completed with Sprung Instant Structures, the worlds largest supplier of fabric building structures with anticipated royalty streams by late 2014. Revenue from Sprung license and related sales is projected to be over $10 million annually by the end of 2015. NPC is in negotiations with Sprung to expand manufacturing and marketing of the licensed technology to broader domestic, international and military markets.

Pitre Hydrokinetic Turbines

A major breakthrough technology in the hydrokinetic arena, the In-Stream Auger Turbine (IAT) has been advanced to a full-scale demonstration model, with rapid commercialization in process in both US and international markets.  Revenue from current license agreements and JVs is projected to be a minimum of $15 million per year beginning in 2015, expanding to $100 M per year by 2017.  Downstream Power Purchase Agreement income is expected to increase over 3-5 years and provide impetus for IPO or exit.

US Military Research and Development Partnerships

Two major NPC mobile and stormproof wind technologies are in final engineering in association with AFRL and HCATT, with Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) as a key advisor and facilitator. NPC revenue from these two technologies is expected surpass $100 M within three years. A portable hydrokinetic Auger Turbine has been built and tested for a program sponsored by the US Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR) administered through the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) and is fully ready for open markets. Revenue from the portable auger turbine in excess of $10 million per year is expected by 2016.

Oil and Natural Gas Company of India

NPC is in the final stages of completion of a Joint Venture Agreement with the Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC) of India (currently a Collaboration Agreement, signed in 2010 and operational through 2015) to commercialize the NPC hydrokinetic technology in India. Existing contracts are drafted to develop over 500 MW of electricity generation at three separate locations.  Royalty to NPC from this license is projected to be over $200 million over the next 4 years.

Government of Nepal

NPC has completed a MOU with the government of Nepal to pursue 50 MW of small hydro projects in that country. Feasibility studies are currently underway for the first projects in Nepal, which are scheduled to begin as pilots in 2015.

Grupo Secacao, Guatemala

NPC is progressing a joint Venture with Grupo Secacao, owner and operator of several hydroelectric facilities in Guatemala.  The JV will initiate a demonstration project of commercial scale Pitre hydrokinetic turbines at existing hydroelectric facilities in Guatemala and evolve to production of up to 40 MW of hydropower projects currently under PPA agreements, with several NPC hydrokinetic technologies. This is the first step in opening a vast small-hydro market share in Latin America where NPC has initiated discussions with several other hydro utility operators in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and other countries.

El Condor High Altitude Wind Farm

NPC has completed a MOU with a Chilean Landowner and holding company to develop Parque Eolico El Condor (the Condor Wind Park) – a high altitude wind farm in northern Chile, using proprietary NPC wind turbines.  The project will commence with a 2-3 MW Pilot Phase in 2015 and is intended to grow to 100 MW or more by 2016.  The Condor Wind Park, already vetted by stakeholders with PPAs, will provide multi-million dollar downstream revenue potential to NPC investors and partners over the 20 year PPA. 

Talboom Group- Renewable Energy Division

NPC completed a MOU moving to a joint venture agreement with Talboom Group Renewable Energy Division, focused on commercializing NPC great ocean current technology, and high velocity wind technology. The demonstration project is scheduled to take place at Cape Verde Islands and will launch NPC proprietary technologies into open global markets for greater than 200 GW of electricity, with a huge profit potential. Downstream income to NPC is expected to begin in 2016 for the ocean current technologies.

Past Milestones:

In the last month of 2012 NPC achieved two significant milestones in the hydro flow field with the successful deployment and testing of two important hydroelectric devices. The first was a small man-portable device commissioned by the Hawaii Technology Development Venture (HTDV) for presentation to the Office of Naval Research (ONR).  Successful testing of the man-portable In-Stream Auger Turbine (IAT) produced results that greatly exceeded initial expectations for power output. The second major milestone was completion of a much larger industrial scale version of the same device, which functioned perfectly during tests in the Willamette River in Oregon. This larger unit is presently the subject of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Oil and Natural Gas Company of India (ONGC), Asia’s largest energy company.  ONGC has proposed production and deployment of the unit throughout India. Negotiations for the installation of IAT pilot projects are also presently underway with BC Hydro in Canada, and several African nations.

Sprung Instant Structures, the world's largest manufacturer of tensioned fabric buildings, will be deploying NPC’s specialty wind turbines in the roofs of their structures in 2013.  Sprung has a large client base eagerly awaiting the production and availability of their new line of instant structures with integrated wind turbines designed by NPC.

Negotiations are in progress with the High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC, an agency of the State of Hawaii) for the deployment of NPC’s high-velocity mountain wind turbines as an experimental project to provide power for the Haleakala Crater telescope observatory on Maui and its large bank of mainframe computers.

In 2012 NPC successfully completed designs for an ocean buoy grid that will convert wave energy into electricity.  NPC is presently in discussions with the Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center (HINMREC) at the University of Hawaii and also with the government of India for funding a demonstration scale prototype test array of that equipment.

Advancement of the Oshkosh Defense REMM mobile energy system is underway, with excellent opportunities for commercialization in 2013.  The REMM concept is licensed to Oshkosh by NPC.  For more information visit